How to Find and Buy a Used BMW 3 Series


For more than thirty years the BMW 3 series has been one of the most popular lines of car from the sports car maker. Thanks to the long life of the series and the many models that have been created in the series there are many different used BMW 3 series vehicles available around the United Kingdom. To find a quality vehicle it is best to take some tips in mind.

used bmw 3 series

The type of vehicle in the series that is being offered by a used car dealer is a good thing to see here. This is important because of how many older BMW vehicles may not be services as well as that of some newer ones due to a possible lack of parts that can be made available for some vehicles. For instance, the current E90 model in the BMW 3 series, which has been around since 2006, can be an easier product to maintain while it can be harder for an older E36 or E46 model from the 1990s or early 2000s to be handled.

It will be good to see when looking into used BMW vehicles that the type of BMW vehicle that is being used can vary in many different forms. For instance, today’s E90 model comes in sedan, wagon, cabriolet and coupe models. Convertible models are also available. It helps to take a look at these options so that a customer can figure out what used model is right for one’s needs.

Another tip to use for finding a used BMW 3 series vehicle is to take a look at what the value of a vehicle is in accordance with the Parker’s Price Guide. This is the main guide that determines values of used cars in the United Kingdom. The value of a vehicle can vary according to its specific model, year, version and the mileage that is listed on the vehicle. Getting information on how many pounds a vehicle will be worth is important to consider.

The type of dealer that a used car is going to be bought from should be looked into as well. A BMW dealer that sells its own used cars will generally offer used BMW 3 series vehicles at the highest values but at the same time a dealer will work with a stronger inspection process. This process will work to make sure that the vehicle is still fully functional according to BMW standards.

There are some other places that a person can buy a used BMW 3 series vehicle from. Independent used car dealers can offer these cars at lower costs but be aware that the inspections that are used can be limited. Private sales with individuals can offer quality deals but it will be important to make sure that the vehicle has a return policy where a refund can be handled in the event that the car does not work properly after a period of time.

How to Get Value For Money

The 3 series BMW represents true driving pleasure. If you have made the decision to acquire a heavenly BMW 3 series there are many factors to consider to ensure that you get the best possible value for money. This executive prestige car is available as an executive salon, a coup and as an estate, it has been consistently rated as one of the most preferred driving vehicles in the United Kingdom.

The Key Features

A used BMW 3 series certainly has a lot going for it and if you choose wisely you will be able to enjoy many of its core benefits and features. First and foremost, the BMW is a sleek, elegant and visually compelling vehicle with a great reputation for endurance, speed and reliability.

The Engine

When you first turn on the engine of this superbly designed and construction vehicle and listen to it roar to life, you will begin to understand why people pay a premium to drive a BMW. The engine is powerful, fast and reliable and provided that the vehicle in question has been properly cared for, should remains so for years to come. One of the core advantages of buying a used BMW 3 Series is the engine power. The majority of motoring experts agree that the engine in this vehicle is excellent, and the car frequently receives high ratings for performance from the automotive industry. The engine has been designed with the environment in mind and utilises cutting edge stop and start technology to reduce carbon emission levels.


Most versions of the BMW 3 series come with air-conditioning and alloy wheels as standard. Depending on the version that you buy, you may benefit from comfortable climate control, luxurious leather seats and possibly even heated mirrors. The gearboxes are truly exceptional, although if you are purchasing a second hand vehicle you should have the car properly examined by a good mechanic. There are many used BMW 3 series cars available in 6-speed automatic transmission. There are special editions available, primarily released in 2008 and 2009.

Possible Ghosts in the Machine

There are a few areas to focus on with this particular car and you should watch out for possible problems with the electrics and worn sensors that may cause air bag failure. When buying a second hand vehicle you should always ensure that there is access to a detailed service history so you can evaluate the level of work that has been performed - obviously, the lower the mileage the better the vehicle’s long term outlook.

Why Buy a used BMW 3 Series?

If you budget does not quite stretch to a new model, you may wish to consider a used BMW 3 Series. This car is spacious, elegant, handles well and has a comprehensively established strong performance history.

Buying a used BMW 3 series can be easy to do when the right considerations are handled. It helps to see the type of vehicle in the series that is offered along with where a vehicle is being sold at. Be sure to take a look at the Parker’s guide to see what a vehicle should cost.