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Are you looking to buy a used BMW? Whether you are looking for a new or used BMW you need to do some research in order to secure the best deal.This site is packed full of useful information on all the cars in the BMW range, giving you the chance to do your research from one place.

BMW is one of the most trusted marques in car and motorcycle manufacture with a market that extends across the globe. BMW also owns the famous Mini brand and builds cars that are renowned for performance and quality. Consistent quality, performance and style mean that it is little wonder that brand loyalty remains strong, with many buyers choosing to replace their old BMW with a newer version, time after time.

BMWs are well-known for retaining their value and strong residuals can make bargains hard to find. However, a used BMW really does make sense, particularly when bought nearly-new or as an ex-demonstrator as the car will retain a significant amount of value in the early years of ownership.

Used BMW M Series Cars

BMW has a proud sporting heritage and through time developed the M range. By modifying existing models, BMW has been able to create superb sports vehicles that pack serious power, have the ability to turn heads and are as good in normal driving conditions as they are on the track.

M series BMWs are available on a selection of the range, starting with the M3. The BMW 3 Series is the UKs most popular saloon so it is little wonder that BMW have created three M series cars within this range; the M3 Saloon (starting at around £51,000 OTR), the M3 Coupe (starting at £52,000 OTR) and the M3 Convertible (starting at £56,000 OTR). The standard 5 Series has two sporting additions; the M5 Saloon and the M5 Touring. There is an M6 in both Coupe and convertible specifications and the 4x4 BMW cars are also given more power with the X5 M and the X6M.

M Series BMWs are highly desired cars that are snapped up fast on the used market, despite their high residual prices. Before you commit to buy a used BMW M Series you need to make sure you have the car checked out for insurance claims and write offs and a thorough mechanical check is recommended.

The BMW Range in Brief

BMW 1 Series

The current BMW range starts at the 1 Series, which was launched in 2004. There are plenty of quality used models available on the market with a variety of trim specifications and engine sizes. The 1 Series Hatchback is by far the most popular model in this range, with petrol engines and diesel engines starting at 1.6 litre. At the top of the range is the stunning 135i M Sport, which is engaging to drive with plenty of power delivered through the rear wheel drive system. For economical driving the diesel engines in the 1 Series are extremely frugal and newer models are equipped with BMW’s Auto Stop function, which automatically switches off the car’s engine when the car is in neutral or is at a standstill. This clever function not only reduces the emissions produced by the car but also lowers fuel consumption.

BMW 3 Series

If the 1 Series is BMW’s baby, then the 3 Series is the grown up family member. First launched in 1975 the ever popular 3 Series is now in its fifth generation. Classed as the UK’s favourite car the BMW 3 Series is both a popular new and used buy and is often considered the standard to which other car manufacturers try to match.

As you would expect from a used BMW 3 series, the build quality is exceptional and the ride is firm and engaging regardless of the engine size. The BMW 3 Series is available in four body styles; Saloon, Touring Coupe and Convertible with new prices starting at around £22,000 on the road for the entry level saloon. Owing to the fact that the BMW 3 Series has been for sale for 35 years there are an enormous number of used models for sale. The very early models can fetch big prices if in pristine condition and if you are looking for an early 3 Series you should consult with a specialist dealer. Newer 3 Series cars can be found for sale in franchised dealerships, local garages, online and through auction houses so shop around and don’t be afraid to haggle.

BMW 5 Series

Buying a used BMW 5 Series makes great sense, whether you are buying it for business or family journeys. The quality, executive saloon car seats five adults in total comfort and the drive is refined, smooth and enjoyable. The interior trim is quite simply sensational and compared to close rivals, 5 Series cars of up to five years or less are considerably cleaner.

2010 will see the launch of the next generation 5 Series saloon and prices are expected to start at around £31,500 OTR. You can find used models spanning a variety of ages and for a couple of thousand pounds you can buy a lot of car for your money (if you are not worried by the age).

The 5 Series is a popular car on the used car market and it is likely you will find a model to suit your needs. As new 5 Series cars are typically bought by the business user you may find many of the used models available on the market come with high mileage. Don’t be put off by this; the diesel models in particular are so well built that mileage is not really an issue.

The 5 Series range also includes a Touring version and a stylish GT hatchback.

BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series returned to the range after an absence of around fifteen years and is a car that really does tick all the boxes. A real drivers car, the 6 series is a car for all conditions. As a GT car it is refined and luxurious, eating up the road surface with ease thanks to the powerful three and five litre engines. If you are looking for a more exhilarating road the 6 Series does not fail to deliver, especially in the 362bhp 650i Sport model, available OTR from £72,000. Of course if this is insufficient you could always opt for the M6 with its eye watering 500bhp engine (and equally impressive price tag of £91,600 OTR).

As the BMW 6 Series is a relatively new addition to the line-up, used versions are still relatively scarce and as with all BMWs prices will remain high. However, this is a car that will really delight and with some careful research and consultation with your local car dealer or BWM franchise you will find a model that fits your criteria.

BMW 7 Series

The BMW is a high end, luxury limousine type car and if you choose the right model you will not fail to be impressed by the interior specification and comfort levels. There are a number of optional extras available with the 7 Series and when bought new the costs can soon mount. This is perhaps why a buying a used BMW 7 Series makes much more financial sense. As the BMW 7 Series was initially launched in 1977 there are a wide variety of models on open sale in the used car market so shop around for the best buy. It is worth noting that the BMW 7 Series is currently only available as a saloon car.

BMW X1 Crossover

The X1 Crossover is BMW’s response to the growing compact SUV market and was launched in 2009. If you are looking to buy a used BMW X1 you may find a scarcity of models, a possible waiting list and prices that are similar to those paid when new. You will need to consider widening your search to find the deal to suit your pocket. That said, new prices are competitive with the X1 starting at an on the road price of £23,000 so maybe this is one car you should buy from new.

Early test results are positive, with drivers reporting an assured ride and a quality cabin which is roomy and comfortable.

BMW 4x4

BMW has seen great success in the 4x4 market in recent years thanks to the X3, X5, and X6 models. All the X Series models feature four wheel drive systems and are all available in both petrol and diesel, manual and automatic. Despite a rugged and aggressive exterior, these cars have incredible and sometimes luxurious interiors and are ideal for almost all driving conditions.

The X5 has been the most acclaimed BMW 4x4 and has stolen a valuable share of the market away from the Land Rover discovery and the Range Rover.

You will find a wide choice of BMW X Series cars available on the used car market but buy sensibly. Petrol models consume high amounts of fuel and cost more in terms of road tax and insurance. They depreciate faster than their diesel counterparts, so bear this in mind if the asking price seems tempting.